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Pre - Laminated Particle board is a multi-purpose material and is used extensively in the building and furniture industry. Pre - Laminated Particle board is primarily used in furniture, shop-fittings and kitchen cabinets. Pre - Laminated Particle board can also be used for internal components, as a substrate in various applications and can also be coated with a decorative surface for applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, office furniture and shelving.
  • Pre - Laminated Particle board is available in thicknesses of 9mm, 12mm, 17mm & 25mm.
• Pre-laminated Particle Board is available in one side laminated & both sides laminated boards.
• Available in both Grade 1 (Exterior Grade) & Grade 2 (Interior Grade).
• Standard size : 8x4 ft (2420x1220 mm).
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